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Bonnet Buffing Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning your carpets since 2007

Carpet cleaning using the bonnet method is something All-Seal Cleaning Services wins gold every time when it comes to Carpet cleaning and maintenance programs. We use an amazing all in one product that makes your Commercial premises life easier and customers notice the difference immediately. Our latest Cyborg machine cleans 6,000 sqaure feet in just one hour. We guarantee clean and dry carpets or you don’t pay us a penny!

The most advanced encap product

Hydropic, non-ionic surfactant formula, with Oxi Boost is a unique all in one product that cleans carpets no matter how dirty back to new, and also eliminates bad odours, all this…. with an added stain guard at no extra cost.

Advanced Bonnet Buffing liquid technology includes

  • Liquid polymer crystallizing encapsulating non-ionic surfactant, leaves no sticky residue.
  • Oxi-Boost hydrogen, power of pure oxygen to remove stains and browning.
  • Patented built in odour neutraliser, leaves fresh clean smell.
  • Copolymer stain guard, both to protect fibres and help keep them clean longer.
  • Neutral PH level, safe for most wool and all types of carpets.
  • Environmentally friendly encapsulation polymer that will crystallize and suspend soil for easy removal, added Oxi-boost to loosen protein based soil and remove browning, no rinsing required, leaves no sticky residue.

No Need for Multiple Products

  • Patented odour neutraliser encapsulates odour compounds and changes their molecular structure, helps kill bacteria preventing re-occurrence leaving the area fresh and clean, helps eliminate odours associated with urine, faeces, food waste, pet smells and many more.
  • Built in Co-polymer stain guard, micro coats fibres to further protect against damage, not only helps carpets and upholstery stay clean longer but makes them easier to clean and maintain.
  • Ultra Low Foam – Good carpet cleaners know that soapy residue left in the carpets will promote rapid resoiling – ours doesn’t.

Remember – advanced chemistry = no sticky ‘soapy’ residue!

Carpets stay cleaner longer – Carpets are deodorised – Carpets are stain guarded!
All this in one easy action from one great product and one local company.

Our product is technically advanced using the latest chemicals blended to produce an industry leading carpet cleaning product that offers you:

  • Fast dynamic cleaning of large areas, Carpets stay clean longer as wick back in virtually eliminated
  • Simple 3 stage cleaning process, No need to vacuum after cleaning
  • Low moisture cleaning good for the environment.
  • Carpets back in service within 20 minutes.
  • Kill odours
  • Stains guards
  • Very cost effective for large companies

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In business since 2007, our main priority is to offer outstanding cleaning services to the Domestic and Commercial client. Our first-class project management skills ensure that everything will be completed on time, within budget, and with minimum fuss.


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Established in 2007, All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd has seen rapid growth, primarily due to very competitive pricing menus, consistency, and excellent standards of commercial and domestic cleaning services that are provided to an ever expanding customer base of more than 1628 repeat clients to date.