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Building Cleaning

Tailored Building Cleaning professionals since 2007

Building and Office Cleaning is a service which requires skill and dedication to achieve very high standards which last. All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd achieve a very high quality service in these cleaning areas to each and every customer in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, and all of the Hampshire surrounding areas.

We have considerable experience working with organisations in all sectors focusing on their specific, individual needs to help them achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of clean, healthy and enjoyable working environments.

All our building and office cleaning services in Southampton, Portsmouth Hampshire, and surrounding areas are provided by people with hands-on knowledge of the latest cleaning methodology and techniques. We have a unique management system which help customers improve standards and at the same time reduce costs.

Our cleaning knowledge and expertise clearly shows and we employ real professionals whose aim it is to help make your company a clean and safer environment. All-Seal has adopted cleaning methods and the latest technology that are aimed at achieving improved efficiency, reduced costs and providing added value in many areas to the customer.

Office Cleaning

Why Choose All-Seal Building cleaning?

The All-Seal Cleaning Company based in Southampton is the right choice for you if you are looking for quality, creativity, reliability, and a team that you can trust over the long term to clean your company correctly and always on time.

We cover Hampshire and surrounding areas daily and can tailor all of our building and office cleaning services to your unique needs. We take your budget, goals and personality into consideration when we develop a service plan with you.

Our employees offer complete quality performance and take pride in what they do. We know that a happy employee makes for a happy client that is why we treat our staff with incentives.

It isn’t rocket science, but, our service is a science in its own way. We have developed strategies that create quality controls to do our very best.

We know cleaning and personal services and best of all we know people. With your input we are confident that you will be pleased by having The All-Seal Cleaning Company become your cleaning company.

Whether you are a contractor, project manager, company owner; be assured that All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd will give you quality, assurance and expertise. We stand out for being extremely reliable, detailed and responsive and have many testimonials and references available if and when you’re ready.

Construction Clean-up

We have cleaning crews who specialise in construction clean-up. Whether you have just remodelled your kitchen or finished your 70 unit building, we will be ready to clean and have what it takes to get the job done, and done well.

Model Maintenance

If you want to sell those properties, they had better be clean! We use the same skill and care for models as we do for our residential customers. This is important especially now because of the variety of surfaces and materials used in contemporary home design.

Building And Office Cleaning Hampshire

It is vital to have all the right procedures in place from day one.

All-Seal provides a number of building and office cleaning services throughout Hampshire and helps the customer implement necessary policies and procedures to meet legal requirements, streamline operations and to help maintain the health and safety of cleaning personnel working in a variety of different types of workplace:-

We carefully clean around your paperwork so that when you return to your clean office, you never have to say, “where are those documents”

We carry out full Risk Assessments, and being Safe Contractor Approved we carry all the correct H&S documents whether its an office clean or a full building clean inside or outside.

VDU Cleaning

What are you doing to protect your staff members against Swine Flu?
The authorities have launched a nationwide advertising campaign to reaffirm the importance of basic hygiene in an effort to limit the contamination of Swine Flu. Within professional environments, objects such as computer keyboards, phones, printing machines etc have all been identified as obvious sources of cross contamination.

How We Can Help – VDU Cleaning is a service All-Seal offer to all its clients.
All-Seal offers a systematic process for cleaning each personal work space which ensures that these objects are properly sanitised with a specially formulated solution. This process in turn dramatically reduces the risk of cross contamination and is a proactive step in providing a germ free working environment for your employees.

vdu screen

Common Area Cleaning for Management Companies

The way to your tenants’ hearts is through your buildings common areas. We will keep them clean.

Building Maintenance

Retail stores must be kept clean on a continuous basis and we are proud to offer the very latest techniques and cleaning machinery for fast and efficient results every time. After we finish the floors, you can check your reflection in them all day and that’s a solid guarantee.

Other Cleaning Services

Please view our additional cleaning services and latest All-Seal blog.

We hope this office cleaning page has been helpful to you and that we can be of assistance to you in the future. Remember references and testimonials don’t lie.

All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd are always here for advice and hopefully we can serve you soon.

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A pristine and well organised environment creates a sense of well-being for our clients and All-Seal Cleaning Services has the answer to your problems.

When you contract All-Seal Office Cleaning you will not have to worry about cleaning issues, we will focus on caring for you and your clients.

Contact All-Seal today and we will send a contract Manager out to you within 24 hours of your initial enquiry.


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In business since 2007, our main priority is to offer outstanding cleaning services to the Domestic and Commercial client. Our first-class project management skills ensure that everything will be completed on time, within budget, and with minimum fuss.


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Established in 2007, All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd has seen rapid growth, primarily due to very competitive pricing menus, consistency, and excellent standards of commercial and domestic cleaning services that are provided to an ever expanding customer base of more than 1628 repeat clients to date.