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Graffiti Removal Hampshire

Removal & Protection of all Graffiti

We can offer Graffiti removal on various types of surfaces including synthetics and all types of buildings throughout Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Hampshire. Our Nano-Technology gel is totally unique to All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd. It removes graffiti quickly and without damaging surfaces even as sensitive as limestone and Heritage monuments. We also guarantee that no ghosting from the Graffiti attack will remain. We can then apply a protective invisible coating to safe guard against further attacks.

Using invisible wax coatings this makes future Graffiti removal easier, more cost effective, and also water-repellent and it allows the brickwork to breathe.

We are the UK and European distributors of this fantastic Nano-Technology Graffiti removal and protection system.

We offer a full money-back guarantee if the image is not removed.

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At All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd we strive to achieve a very high level of service for all our cleaning services in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester Hampshire and the local surrounding areas. With hundreds of testimonials to view your definitely in safe and clean hands.

Graffiti removal
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Graffiti Removal Services

With many years experience All-Seal provides professional graffiti removal solutions for various situations whether it be high access buildings, subways, shop fronts, garage doors, bridges or road signs in Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire and surrounding areas.

We feel that prevention is better than cure which is why we offer a comprehensive range of coatings and paints to protect against chewing gum, grime and Graffiti issue’s.

All-Seal Cleaning Services can confidently offer surface cleaning solutions for any substrate, from pavement and block pavers to brick and stone. Our services can always be tailored to meet your requirements regardless of the areas type or size. We would be happy to offer you any assistance or advice on your problem from one of our experienced staff.

Limescale & efflorescence removal is a task that we attend to on a regular basis. Most limescale and efflorescence problems are caused by leaking pipes and moisture from brickwork and masonry. All-Seal can remove these unsightly blemishes and get your walls or brickwork back to looking original.

Wall Sealing for protection

Over the years your property can become almost sponge like that absorbs what mother nature throws at it resulting in damp conditions. We offer wall cleaning and full weather proof treatments. We spray an invisible sealer to protect your walls from bad weathering and a full guarantee is supplied to the homeowner. Keep your investment looking it’s very best for years to come.

So If you need any concrete or brickwork cleaning, you can count on the expert services provided by All-Seal Cleaning Services based in Southampton. We cover the wider Hampshire region all the way through to Surrey and London providing specialist brick and stone cleaning services. We have a guaranteed level of satisfaction. So call us today on 0800 689 9127 or fill out the online quotation form.

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In business since 2007, our main priority is to offer outstanding cleaning services to the Domestic and Commercial client. Our first-class project management skills ensure that everything will be completed on time, within budget, and with minimum fuss.


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Established in 2007, All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd has seen rapid growth, primarily due to very competitive pricing menus, consistency, and excellent standards of commercial and domestic cleaning services that are provided to an ever expanding customer base of more than 1628 repeat clients to date.