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“Getting rid of Moss since 2007”

Moss, Lichen, Mildew, Mold and Algae is troublesome to households in the UK. In the last few years Moss has become a complete pest due to our damp winters.

The problem mainly occurs on the side where the sun doesn’t shine on the house, primarily the north side. All-Seal has a product that will solve this problem easily called Cleanbrite. It removes moss, mold, mildew, and algae stains gently over time from roofs, concrete, fencing, all types of brick, siding, tennis courts, awnings, boat sails, and wood decks without scrubbing or pressure washing.

We cover the whole of Hampshire and Surrey applying this fantastic product which is unique to our company.

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Roof damage to old buildings

Moss, lichen and algae growth on old buildings is perceived as successful conservation but is it? It can be extremely damaging to the roof and the building fabric.

With the All-Seal gentle restoration process, Cleanbrite gently cleans and restores old roof tops to their former beauty without causing any physical damage that can result from extreme pressure washing.

Why does Moss damage roofs?

Moss on a roof disturbs the down flow of rainwater so it tends to trap and get soaked up by the moss causing a constant wet sponge effect. Growth thrives where the supply of moisture is best and establishes itself where the tiles overlap especially along the lower edge and bond.

During heavy rain, the partly obstructed vertical bond may overflow inside the building causing inside issues. Most roofs have a second line of defence in the form of a bituminous felt, but it does not always perform perfectly and is not designed for long term protection or as a forget me cure.

Removing excess growth

In some cases if moss build up is excessive we gain access to the roof and scrap the majority of moss from the tiles. However, some roofs will not allow this as fragile tiles and 16th century batons cannot cope with this stress. We will go onto the roof only if a pitch of 30° or less, and, when the tiles are in good condition. This can be done by one of our trained roof technicians. If the roof is too steep or fragile – period clay tiles for instance – the preparation is carried out from the eaves using bespoke telescopic tools.

The gutter outlets are protected against blockages before we start. Tarpaulin covers are laid to receive the falling debris.

If the moss balls are small and dispersed, they will fall naturally.

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