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AllSeal Cleaning Services Ltd in Hampshire

Terms and Conditions


Last amended by M.C 31/04/2018

1. By ordering goods or any services from All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd by telephone, letter, e-mail, mobile phone or website the client agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd.

2. All costs for cleaning services carried out on a regular, daily, weekly or one off basis should be paid by cash, standing order, BACS transfer, debit or credit card. Full payment is due upon completion of the work unless other arrangements have been made with All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd where the client will have written knowledge to this effect by letter, email or company text.

2a. Part payments of 50% can also be taken for works carried out to date. Deposits of 20% are required for jobs of £2000.00 or over and is taken in advance prior to commencing of work discussed. A signed contract will be issued before payment.

3. The client will be responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from non payment of monies due.

3a, All due payments for completed work to All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd are to be paid on receipt of the invoice in full, or part payment being emailed or sent by post unless an account is set in place according to the Terms and Conditions that have already been agreed in writing. Payment for completed work is due on the invoice date (commercial 25 days) provided and paid by bank transfer on receipt of the invoice.

3b, Late Payments

Late or overdue payments will be subject to a Debt Recovery Fee of up to £100.00 + administration fees of £27.50 per week that the invoice remains unpaid in full. There will be additionally be interest incurred on the outstanding balance of 8.0% + the Bank Of England’s base rate until the invoice has been paid in full. These current rules stand in law if the unpaid invoice/s and Terms and Conditions have been ignored.

If you have a query or dispute relating to the invoice, you MUST report it within 24 hours from the invoice creation date. Failure to do so will entitle the client to no refunds or recovery cleanings.


Domestic / Commercial Debts:

“The company All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd claims compensation arising from late payment under section 5A of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Under the table of compensation set out in this provision. A £40.00 fee is owed to All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd if the invoiced amount has not been paid or up to £100.00 regarding the Terms and Conditions on the invoice amount stated. Interest will accrue daily after this date as written in clause 3a-3b. All correspondence for late payments can be emailed, telephoned and or sent by post whichever the company deems appropriate at the time.

3/b, All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd has the right to cancel a customer’s job/service if Health & Safety procedures are not implemented by way of our Risk Assessment and Methods statement policy. On arrival to a booked job all obstructions that can prevent work being carried out by All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd must have been removed as discussed previously if any correspondence regarding an object/s took place. In the event All-Seal Cleaning ServicesLtd cannot carry out the work an aborted visit charge of £75.00 plus vat will take effect.

3c. Purchase orders and work orders form contracts between both parties and have to be adhered to without exception. Any outstanding payments have to be met if a contract is cancelled by the customer to a maximum of 33% of the total sum owed.

4. No further cleaning work/s can or will be undertaken unless the client settles the outstanding balance for works carried out to date, aborted fees and any other owed costs associated to the account which have not been paid.

5. All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd has a comprehensive public and employer’s liability insurance where a copy can be requested. All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd is legally liable for any accidental damage caused by operatives (up to £2,000,000)

6. The client accepts and understands that if something is damaged or broken and cannot be replaced with a new item, the client will be credited with the cash value of the items. That includes, for example; items of sentimental value, art, antiques, etc (in house only).

7. In the event of lost keys to cleaning of any building – All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd will reimburse all costs of changing locks from an invoice provided (office cleaning only).

8. If damage occurs to ornaments etc when on site, All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd will report this to the customer immediately. On completion of any cleaning work All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd may present the customer with a satisfaction sheet for work/s carried out that requires signing for our records if deemed appropriate. If a customer is not present any claims for damage or re-cleans will be invalid.

9. The client is responsible for providing access for property cleaning and that no obstructions are present to cause problems for the cleaner/s to start work, or, for vehicle parking (Appendix 3b). If this is the case then All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd may abort the visit and charge a fee of £75 plus vat for lost time and other potential bookings missed.

9a, 3c, On arrival to a booked job if All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd cannot carry out the work ie; customer not present to remove vehicles or similar object/s which will interfere with the work in hand, and the work cannot be done, an aborted fee of £75.00 plus Vat will take effect.

10. If the customer finds the cleaning service in anyway of poor quality, this must be reported on the satisfaction sheet or by email to  All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd will rectify any problems if contacted within 24 hours and the work be completed at an agreed time of no more than two weeks.

10a. If the customer who booked the work is not present to sign a satisfaction sheet upon All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd leaving the property then an email to or telephone call 0800 689 9127 must be made within 24 hours from the finish date for completed work.

11. The initial number of working hours that have been estimated may change after the first few days of work depending of the scale of the job, however no more costs are added unless the customer requires additional works to be carried out in addition to the quotation price already agreed. This is because it is difficult to estimate exactly how much time the cleaning work might take due to weather conditions or problems that may arise.

12. The price at which work has been assessed does not include anything apart from our standard cleaning specifications that are discussed and written in quotations if applicable and listed on our website The work carried out is exactly how the quotation defines it, or, if the client writes in email or text to All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd which is made clear what is required then this is ordered and accepted by the customer. If the customer has listed a service required and All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd find the job or type of cleaning service different to the request then the client is liable for the mistake. The cost remains effective.

13. The client may cancel a booked single cleaning visit by giving a minimum of 24 hour’s notice in advance in writing or by email. The client agrees to pay £40 plus vat if the cleaning visit is changed by the client or cancelled on the day of cleaning prior to the scheduled appointment originally made.


By entering into a service agreement with All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd, the client agrees that after the termination of the cleaning service he/she will not hire or use any services provided by a present or past cleaner introduced to the client by All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd. If the client wishes to hire or use services provided by such a cleaner then he/she must pay a referral fee of £400 plus vat within 28 days in accordance with the payment terms.

14. The domestic client has the right to terminate the whole cleaning service/s in writing by giving 7 days advance notice if the booking is made in advance of 7days or more.

15. The office sector client has the right to terminate the whole cleaning service by giving 60 days advance notice.

16. The cleaner may be replaced if the client finds her/his work inadequate. These faults must be accompanied by a total of three warnings – two verbal and one written.

17. All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd will provide a replacement if the regular cleaner is sick or unavailable. In case we are not able to provide a replacement on time All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd will pay the client the whole amount at which the cleaning work has been estimated for the time of the cleaner being unavailable. (office cleaning only).

18. The client can reduce the number of working hours by giving at least 4 weeks advance notice in writing. (office cleaning only)

18a. If work loads increase by office expansion then All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd has the right to increase the amount of working hours and cost.

19.The client accepts and understands that all All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd operatives use company transport and any delays can, or might affect the cleaners punctuality. With this in mind, if there is lateness, All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd we give the client a cash value adjustment.

20. I the customer have read these Terms and Conditions which I have read and understood them. I agree that these Terms and Conditions form the basis of my contract with All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd which is accepting a quotation, purchase order or email. All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd have the right to amend and change the Terms and Conditions to adjust to current trends and laws.

Terms for Soft Wash Cleaning.

1. The contract states that a free survey has taken place at the customers address and any faults or problems with the properties roof/walls has been listed/discussed and signed by the customer.

2. The survey/contract also describes the sequence of what work is required and the products required on the quotation. (Additional work as discussed in point 1. will be charged).

3. Upon the visit to your property, All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd need completely clear access to your roof/wall and property ie; no parked vehicles obstructing our access into your property. Any object/s that could hinder the cleaning operation that would have been noted on the survey should be removed prior to cleaning.

4. All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd bring their own water and electricity supply, however we will need to top up our tanks with water as the cleaning takes place and is on-going to completion.

5. By reading these T&C the customer accepts them by ordering our services by email, website, text, written or by phone.

6. It is the intention of All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as The Company) that all terms of the contract between the Customer and The Company are contained in this document and specifications (if any) provided to the Customer. If the Customer requires any changes they should ask for these to be put in writing. This should avoid any further problems surrounding what the Company and Customer is expected to do. The details of All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd Group are as follows: International House, George Curl Way, Eastleigh, SO18 2RZ.

7. The Company enters into a contract on the basis of our Representative’s assessment of your requirement, but is conditional upon the Company’s technical survey. In the event of an unsatisfactory survey report we reserve the right to cancel the contract, after having given you a full written explanation of the adverse conditions encountered. We will also refund all the monies deposited by you. Thereupon the Contract will be null and void.

8. On completion of work the customer disposes of accumulated rubbish/debris. If you require All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd to dispose of the contents, a £80 fee is required.

9. These T&C are applicable to  All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd and can be amended by All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd at any given time and date.

Window Cleaning

1. All obstructions need to be removed which could stop the cleaner getting full access to windows from the ground.

2. Windows are to be closed on day of arrival if customer is not present at the property.

3. Gates to rear access are to be left unlocked if customer is not present. If no access is available on arrival an aborted fee of £12 applies.

4. Our FREE Month’s Window cleaning offer is only available when advertised by leaflets or when listed on the All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd website.

5. The terms are (One Months FREE Window Cleaning) (one visit) and then booked every two months thereafter on standing order based on six cleans per year, the last clean being FOC.

6. By accepting the free offer by All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd the homeowner is required to fulfil and pay for the 5 additional cleans every two months on standing order for a full one year. The free clean is included as the last clean only when the five cleans have been paid. If the full year of standing orders are not met then the free initial clean becomes payable at the costed rate.

Driveway & Patio Guarantees

All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd offer a full unconditional no quibble guarantee on all polyurethane sealers applied to driveways and patios for two years (Resiblock only). This guarantee does not cover acrylic sealers.

A full explaination will be listed on the quotation if polyurethane sealers are asked for by the customer.

Stone & Tiled Flooring

All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd will guarantee all Pioneer Eclipse cleaning and sealing products for a maximum of two years from the date of application (Terms & Conditions Apply). Products requested by a customer to use, or, that are not (Pioneer Eclipse) approved products used for the work will not be guaranteed in anyway. This includes damage to the stone/floor or tiles and includes surrounding trims such as skirting boards or fixed floor items. If a wax or sealer removal product is used the painted surfaces can sometimes be effected by blistering or swelling ie; from skirting boards, table legs, chair legs and or base of doors.

It is the responsibility of the customer to correct the problem at their own expense and not of (All-Seal Cleaning Services Ltd) unless All-Seal Cleaning Services has broken or damaged item/s such as chairs/tables or door/s.

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